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Unifor Constructions

List of services

Structural Strengthening

Unifor Construction Pte Ltd has successfully created a breakthrough in the field of crack repairs by inventing the UNIFOR CRACK INJECTOR. It is manufactured in Singapore and internationally-patented. Unifor Crack Injection System utilises a low and constant pressure method to inject epoxy resin into fine cracks of all kinds of concrete structure.

The system maintains the pressure of the grouting material to at least1.0 kgf/cm2, and limits its maximum to 3.0 kgf/cm2.
The clip-on injection nozzle allows for one-man operation in the grouting phase. The graduated cylinder of Unifor Crack Injector permits visual assessment of final grouting pressure.

Waterproofing Systems

Advanced waterproofing systems to create a reliable barrier against water intrusion, protecting your assets from leaks, moisture, and potential structural damage.


Restore and strengthen concrete structures with precision and expertise, addressing cracks, deterioration, and structural issues for
improved safety and longevity.


Effectively seal and stabilize cracks, voids, and joints in various surfaces using high-quality epoxy grouting techniques, ensuring structural integrity.

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